Guinness World Record

UPDATE: WE DID IT!!! We set a new Guinness World Record. Here is the video that we made following our record attempt Guinness World Record Video

Following the successful completion of Miles for Peace, a 7500mile ride crossing 21 states and raising over $1000 for charity, we’ve decided to push the boundaries even further and attempt a Guinness World Record.

What better way than to ride a pocketbike for 12 days across 8 states?

We are adventurers and expedition athletes with a desire to seek out the unknown and find a permanent place of residence outside of our comfort zone.

Mike Reid, Sigríður Ýr Unnarsdóttir and Chris Fabre are about to attempt the largest and most anticipated adventure of our lives. Breaking a Guinness World Record.

Beginning September 5th, we will seek to break the current Guinness World Record for the “Longest journey on a pocketbike” which was set by Ryan Galbraith and Chris Stinson on August 8th 2009.

The World Record will take us from Middletown, Ohio to Mescalero, New Mexico. The route is just over 1500 miles and will cross 9 states on what amounts to be the tricycle of the motorcycle world; a Honda CRF-50.

Why attempt Guinness World Record?

Our collective motivations differ but here they are:

Mike — Since I was a child, I was exposed to Guinness World Record books from my mother, who would bring a new one home each year. As I flipped the pages, I was in a constant state of awe of all that was being accomplished and the amazing people who held these records. Although my young mind imaginged the possiblity of one day reading about my envevours in the pages of that book, I accepted the impossiblity, as did those around me. As the years have passed and I’ve had the ability to conquer the ‘impossible’ with things like the first kayaking expedition crossing the East Asian Sea between Japan and South Korea as well as a 600mile solo expediiton up the Pacific Coast of Japan, I relized that ‘impossible’ is not a permament state. It’s merely something that is waitng for a person that beleives enough in themselves to try.

Sigga — Like most people I‘ve had big dreams that never became more that exactly that – Dreams. After playing it safe for years while looking up to the brave people who followed their dreams and actually made things happen I recently realized that I can just as well be that person. Now I‘m finally taking the steps to create my own path and realize that all it takes to achive my goals is determination and hard work. Becoming a Guinness World Record holder is a great example of a dream that i never imagined would become a reality but now Im determined to make it happen.

Just over 16 weeks ago, Sigga and I applied to break a Guinness World Record and as of less than 3 weeks ago, we were informed by Guinness that they will acknowledge our attmpt and award us a Guinness World Record if we successfully complete the “Longest journey on a pocketbike”.

As we started our preparations, we had the pelasure of adding a third member to our team, Chris Fabre, who not only is the head mechanic for our local Triumph Shop but also served Crew Cheif of the BMW racing team in 2005-2006. We are super excited to have him on the World Record team.

What are we hoping to get out of this Guinness World Record attempt?

We want to demonstrate that in order to accomplish something extronidanry, you need not a bank account overflowing with money or to be extremely talented or gifted; what you need is an unrelenting will to persevere and realize that with every wall that is erected, there is a way around.

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