When Life gives you lemons you make lemonade

Day 1: – Miles for Peace Motorcycle Adventure –

The first day of any adventure is always a day of discovery, whether it’s figuring out how long you can ride until the nerves under your sit bones start screaming or your co-pilots underwear cause her to squirm around like a worm rigging it’s way out of a fisherman’s hand.

For the first leg of this journey, we made our way from Philadelphia on the infamous Interstate 95, where there is beyond a blatant disregard for bikers.
More than once (actually 3 times). I’ve literally stared in awe as these massive metal boxes we call cars pushed their way into my lane as while I stare at their nameless faces through the drivers side mirror. It was only when I sped up and passed the front of their car that they noticed and retreated back into their lane.

The second point of note was…Washington DC traffic is Terrible. Why would anyone live there? I could have cleared the outer loop faster if I had walked. On a positive side note, I had some excellent lessons on clutch control considering I was clutching in first gear for about 10 miles.

As our day came to a close and we veered off I-81 and onto I-64 for the Blue Ridge Parkway, a feeling of relief finally washed over us (notice the use of ‘washed’ is very intentional and may be foreshadowing)….

It’s 8:30pm, we snap a photo and decide to take a quick glance at the weather, which is of course predicting a full day OR TWO of rain. Now we have a decision to make, do we find a place to camp and do the parkway in the morning or do we try to take advantage of the fantastic technology we call DOPLAR radar and attempt to outrun the impending rain shower?

The most logical and well thought out plan which we decided upon was to drive 50 feet down the parkway, snap a photo so we can say we had been there and get back on I-81 so we can speed down the highway at almost 90mph while Sigga is on the verge of falling asleep on our way to Knoxville, TN.

Now of course the story doesn’t end there because Knoxville is another 300 miles / about 5 hours away from our location and we need fuel for this journey. We (well actually I decide without Siggas input) to pull off after about 1 hour on the road to food and fuel up. As we pull into the Subway which is shared with a gas station and order our food, I notice Sigga looks a little off. I catch a glance at her eyes and see that they are barely open and as she extends her hand, it is shaking to the extent that is she was holding a Mexican Maraca, she could lead a fantastic rendition of “La Cucaracha”. I look at her with concern in my eyes and say, “Can you do 4 more hours?” She slowly shakes her head signaling and says she doesn’t think she can.

Opening my iPhone, I look for the closest motel which happens to be a Howard Johnson and book a room for the night.

It looks like we will be riding through the rain tomorrow after all.


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