Philly Midnight Pretzel Ride

Want some Philadelphia Pretzels…Well come and earn them. Grab your single speed fixie (is that still a thing), check your tire pressure, and clip your SPD pedals in, its time to hit the streets of Philly.

The Midnight Pretzel Ride, as the name suggests, starts at midnight. We meet at the bottom of the Art Museum stairs and keep a close eye on the PECO building with that absurdly bright L.E.D. display. As the legend goes, as the clock strikes 12midnight, a leader will emerge from the pack and start the Pretzel Riders on their jaunt through the city.

You will find yourself weaving through traffic, sometimes turning into oncoming lanes and those light…yeah those lights that not a single person on this ride stops for, you wont stop for them either. The final push is Washington Ave. which can resemble a time-trial sprint if you hit all greens or just act as though they are. As the lactic acid builds in your legs, and your cadence matches that of the Road Runner (I know you regret that single speed now), all while trying to keep your friends at bay.

Looking at the street signs…10th, 9th. Your friend calls your name to let you know hes not letting this one go. You push harder and try to stand but your legs are screaming and sending you butt back in the seat. 8th street is just in front of you and you catch a glimpse of your racing partner out of the corner of your eye but he’s too late as you pull into the Pretzel Factory and bring the Philla Midnight Pretzel Ride to a close.

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